Massive Cat Landed

138lb catfish, french carp and cats, fishing holiday

August 2021 Catch Report MASSIVE CAT LANDED A massive cat has been landed, the beast took the scales around to a whopping 138lb!!Dennis,Ash & Carl managed 59 fish between them. With the 138lb beingthe biggest cat followed by a 63lb. They also had lots of carp to 38lb. Some comments: Fantastic weeks fishing…

Darren & Koren

carp fishing france

August 2021 Catch Report Darren & Koren Darren and Koren. Darren had a good week fishing, Landing the first big cat, at 117lb it was quite a monster, he also had a 45 ,27,20 and lost 2 more really big cats. On top of that he had 25 carp to 38lb+. Customer comments:As usual, a great week […]

Keith, Barry & John

carp fishing in france

July 2021 Catch Report Keith, Barry & John Keith, Barry and John had a great week fishing, catching 61 carp between them, fishing days only. The catch consisted of: 5 x 40lb+14 x 30lb+41 x 20lb+1 double

Dan & Grant

carp fishing holiday france

October 2020 Catch Report Dan & Grant Had an awesome week, landing 41 carp and 4 catfish, the catch consisted of:3 x 40lb+13 x 30lb+ 14 x 20lb+11 x doubles4 catfish to 55lbComments:We had a fantastic week and highly recommend the Thai food to anyone…

Mike & Julie

carp fishing holiday france

October 2020 Catch Report Mike & Julie Mike had an excellent week,he had the lake to himself and landing 60 fish.The catch consisted of:57 carp23 x 30lb+    biggest common 39lb, biggest mirror 37lb.26 x 20lb+7 x doubles1 x Koi 14lb 3 x Cats58lb24lb11lb.Some Comments:Thanks to Omm for a lovely clean property.Always do well at Etang Bertie, but […]


carp fishing holiday france

September 2020 Catch Report RECORD CATFISH LANDED 143LB+ After last year landing the most 100lb+ catfish in a week, Trevor and party returned this year and caught another 3 over the magic 100lb, 114lb, 141lb and the new lake record of 143lb..They landed 44 fish in total, including 35 carp:Carp 4 x 40lb+ Biggest 45lb mirror12 […]

Dave & Stu

September 2020 Catch Report Dave & Stu Had a great week, taking a leisurely approach to their fishing, enjoying a nice relaxing get away. Fishing days only, They landed 20 carp, there catch consisted of: 5 x 40lb+  Biggest mirror 46lb, biggest common 44lb8 x 30lb+ 6 x 20lb+1 x 10lbLost 2 big catsComments:Mega week, we love this […]

Keith and John

carp fishing holiday france

August 2020 Catch Report Keith and John Regulars Kieth and John, had a great weeks fishing, landing 41 carp and 7 cats between them. The biggest carp was a 40lb + common. They had 12 30’s, 30lb c,31lb m, 31lb c, 31 08lb c, 31 08lb m, 34lb m, 35lb c, 35lb m, 37lb c, 37 […]

Great family holiday

carp fishing holiday france

August 2020 Catch Report Great family holiday The langshaw family had a fantastic time, they caught 74 carp included in the catch were 22 over 30lb and 2 over 40lb the rest were mainly mid to upper 20s, also they managed 8 catfish to 56lb and another really big cat estimated over 100lb lost in […]

Another 100lb+ Cat landed

carp and cats

July 2020 Catch Report Another 100lb+ cat landed Regulars the Bates party had a great week, landing 34 fish, they had carp to the upper 30s and cats to over the magic 100lb+. Well done, see you next year. Anglers comments:Amazing week as usual, improvements are really good and the Thai food is highly recommended. […]