September 2019 – FIVE 100 LBS+ CATS IN ONE WEEK

carp and cats

September 2019 Catch Report Ton up week at Etang Bertie Regulars Trevor Bacon and party, had an incredible week for the big Catfish, landing not one, not two, but FIVE cats over the magic 100 lbs, biggest 137 lbs 124 lbs, 116 lbs, and two just over 100 lbs Trevor landed two of them on […]

September 2019 – The Acres brothers

carp fishing holiday france

September 2019 Catch Report Runs,Runs and more Runs Regulars the Acres Brothers, have had yet another “Action packed week” at Etang Bertie .Landing 118 fish, which is the most fish caught in a week all year. Carp to over 40lbs including 17 over 30lbs and  Catfish to 51lbs+. Anglers comments:WOW, what a fantastic week!Great weather, […]

August 2019 – Dave & Anne

carp and cats

April 2019 Catch Report Another Action filled week at Etang Bertie Regulars Dave & Anne Warren had a terrific week of fishing, landing a staggering 64 carp between them. At times the fishing was hectic with many double takes. They fished days only and rested at night back in the Gite after their action filled […]

Mick Caddy and family – August 2019

carp fishing france

August 2019 Catch Report The Caddy family Mick Caddy & family had another great holiday, catching 18 carp and another monster catfish over 120 lbs! Young Baylan (12 years old) was the star of the week, catching the most and the biggest carp. Well done Baylan. Anglers comments:Come every year, and enjoy it every time!!

July 2019 – Darren, Billy, and Lenny

carp fishing france

July 2019 Catch Report Darren, Billy, and Lenny Venue regulars Darren, Billy, and Lenny (Grandad/Dad/Grandson team) had an “AMAZING” week at Etang Bertie, landing not one but TWO catfish over the magic 100 lbs mark, the biggest being a colossal 138 lbs ! And the second pulling the scales round to 117 lbs. However, it […]

July 2019 – Rad, Sandra, Phil, and Caz

millers french carp and cats carp fishing france

July 2019 Catch Report Rad, Sandra, Phil, and Cathy Another wonderful week at Etang Bertie with 63 carp landed, including lots of 30 lbs+ fish and 9 catfish up to 65 lbs.All the fish were caught from bendy bivvy and deep bay swim. Anglers comments:Thank you Lee. A wonderful week. Love what improvements you’ve made to […]

June 2019 – Ian, Ed, and Trevor

carp and cats france

June 2019 Catch Report Ian, Ed, and Trevor Regulars Ian, Ed, and Trevor had a brilliant week at Etang Bertie landing a stack of 30’s. Their biggest carp was just shy of the 40 lbs mark. The guys also had a few big cats up to 78 lbs.   Carp catch list over 30 lbs: […]

June 2019 – Adam, Cazz, Mark, & Donna

family fishing holiday france

June 2019 Catch Report Adam, Cazz, Mark, & Donna These two husband & wife duos had an excellent week full of exciting catches. One of which was the first catfish of 2019 over 100 lbs. After putting up a fierce fight the monstrous catfish was finally on the bank and weighed an incredible 114 lbs. […]

June 2019 – John, Bob, and Colin

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June 2019 Catch Report John, Bob, and Colin John, Bob, and Colin have marked another fantastic week at Etang Bertie with all three of them beating their personal bests. The trio landed 39 fish and topped off the week by catching the biggest cat of the year so far, weighing 93 lbs. Anglers Comments:A very enjoyable […]

May 2019 – Vic, Dave, and Steve

millers french carp and cats

April 2019 Catch Report Vic, Dave, and Steve Vic, Dave, and Steve had a fantastic fishing holiday at Etang Bertie. Fishing mainly during the day, they had managed to catch 41 fish between them, including some upper 30’s. The biggest common they landed was a respectable 36 lbs, yet they did even better with their biggest mirror […]