Keith and John

carp fishing holiday france

August 2020 Catch Report Keith and John Regulars Kieth and John, had a great weeks fishing, landing 41 carp and 7 cats between them. The biggest carp was a 40lb + common. They had 12 30’s, 30lb c,31lb m, 31lb c, 31 08lb c, 31 08lb m, 34lb m, 35lb c, 35lb m, 37lb c, 37 […]

Great family holiday

carp fishing holiday france

August 2020 Catch Report Great family holiday The langshaw family had a fantastic time, they caught 74 carp included in the catch were 22 over 30lb and 2 over 40lb the rest were mainly mid to upper 20s, also they managed 8 catfish to 56lb and another really big cat estimated over 100lb lost in […]

Another 100lb+ Cat landed

carp and cats

July 2020 Catch Report Another 100lb+ cat landed Regulars the Bates party had a great week, landing 34 fish, they had carp to the upper 30s and cats to over the magic 100lb+. Well done, see you next year. Anglers comments:Amazing week as usual, improvements are really good and the Thai food is highly recommended. […]

Another big hit at Etang Bertie

carp fishing holiday france

July 2020 Catch Report Another big hit at Etang Bertie Regulars the Pitts party had an awesome week on their eighth annual visit, landing 115 fish between them. They had many carp over 30lb with a good number of them in the upper 30s the biggest being a 47lb mirror. They also had catfish to […]

First cat of 2020 over the magic “100lb”

carp and cats

July 2020 Catch Report First cat of 2020 over the magic “100lb” Steve, Callum, Phil + Anna, had a great weeks fishing holiday, all catching pb’s. They managed to land 57 fish between them, 48 of them were carp, the biggest being 42lb and 9 catfish including a 55lb and the fish of the week was a […]

Etang Bertie opens with a BANG

carp and cats france

July 2020 Catch Report Etang Bertie opens with a BANG Finally after the unprecedented lockdown and boarder closures, we have opened, and the carp have been in a feeding frenzy. There were multiple times all four anglers had fish on at the same time, they managed to land an incredible 158 fish! averaging in the mid […]

September 2019 – FIVE 100 LBS+ CATS IN ONE WEEK

carp and cats

September 2019 Catch Report Ton up week at Etang Bertie Regulars Trevor Bacon and party, had an incredible week for the big Catfish, landing not one, not two, but FIVE cats over the magic 100 lbs, biggest 137 lbs 124 lbs, 116 lbs, and two just over 100 lbs Trevor landed two of them on […]

September 2019 – The Acres brothers

carp fishing holiday france

September 2019 Catch Report Runs,Runs and more Runs Regulars the Acres Brothers, have had yet another “Action packed week” at Etang Bertie .Landing 118 fish, which is the most fish caught in a week all year. Carp to over 40lbs including 17 over 30lbs and  Catfish to 51lbs+. Anglers comments:WOW, what a fantastic week!Great weather, […]

August 2019 – Dave & Anne

carp and cats

April 2019 Catch Report Another Action filled week at Etang Bertie Regulars Dave & Anne Warren had a terrific week of fishing, landing a staggering 64 carp between them. At times the fishing was hectic with many double takes. They fished days only and rested at night back in the Gite after their action filled […]

Mick Caddy and family – August 2019

carp fishing france

August 2019 Catch Report The Caddy family Mick Caddy & family had another great holiday, catching 18 carp and another monster catfish over 120 lbs! Young Baylan (12 years old) was the star of the week, catching the most and the biggest carp. Well done Baylan. Anglers comments:Come every year, and enjoy it every time!!